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5 Reasons Why I Love Winter Photography

Updated: Jan 3


Does winter in Minnesota really need an introduction? If you know... You know. If you don't know, then I'm pretty sure you don't want to know.

That being said, I am actually a big fan of winter photography. And I'm not just saying this to advertise during my slow season! I genuinely love taking pictures in the snowy midwest landscapes.

While the air might hurt my face a little bit, I prefer to have a winter photoshoot over a hot and sticky summer shoot. I hope by the end of this post, you will feel the same way too!

#1: Winter Golden Hour

Ah, the elusive #GoldenHour. A photographer and influencer's dream. Did you know though that Golden Hour is NOT just for summer and fall? Winter sunrises and sunsets give you as much (or even more) of that warm Golden Hour glow that we all love.

Bonus: morning Golden Hour is later and evening Golden Hour is earlier. This is especially helpful for families with little ones.

#2: Diffused Lighting

The snow may be cold, but it can be a photographer's best friend when it comes to lighting. Having a blanket of white snow helps evenly distribute light in a similar way that a reflector would. While harsh shadows have their place in photography, it's not always ideal for group family photos or classic individual portraits.

#3: Epic Landscapes

Frozen waterfalls. Homemade snow forts. Solid lakes you can walk on. Glistening snow. All of these make winter landscapes gorgeous backdrops for your portraits. Plus, you can pretend that you are Elsa.

#4: Fun Themes

Get out the old toboggan and sleds. Build an epic snowman. Try on those old pairs of skis or snowshoes. Find coordinating mittens, hats, and scarves. The things you get to do in winter are so special and seasonal. It's a lot of fun to lean into those things that make winter fun.

#5: Cozy Vibes

So you are willing to brave the outdoors? Wonderful! Bundling up in your warmest hat, mittens, and sweater or jacket is a great way to capture cozy images. Have a partner, friend, or family member? Even better. Standing close to each other not only gets a cute and cozy photo, but it also keeps each other warm!

If after reading all of the above you still aren't convinced to go out in the cold, there is another option: indoor and at-home shoots! Taking shelter from the elements whether in a studio or your home provides the perfect opportunity to create and curate cozy images.

Even better, be like these two and do both indoor and outdoor in the same shoot!


Summer and fall are busy enough as it is. Winter in the midwest and Minnesota is the time we all collectively decide to slow down a little. Take this time to schedule a shoot for your family, for you and your partner, or just for you! I'll leave you with one of my favorite lyrics about winter from First Aid Kit's song Emmylou "Stockholm's cold but I've been told I was born to endure this kind of weather".

Special Blog Bonus!

Here's something a little special for my people who read all the way through. Since it's the slow season for many photographers (myself included) our schedules tend to be wide open. While I always do my best to accommodate my client's schedules, it's much easier to do between December through March.

Did I Convince You to Book a Winter Shoot?

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