Meet the Team

Danielle - Owner & Photographer                                                                            

When I was 14, I received my first "real" camera and it sparked my love for capturing the world behind the lens. As I grew older, I took advantage of every possible opportunity to learn more about the art of photography and to practice the art form. Now, I have taken the leap and started my own photography business. 

My philosophy is twofold. First, I make sure to get to know whoever is being photographed. Your photos should capture the uniqueness and beauty of you! I want you to feel comfortable and happy while we work together. Second, I use natural lighting and preserve as much authenticity of the moment as I can. This means that I can come to you, wherever you may be!


When I'm not taking pictures, I'm playing with my puppy Finn or cuddling my kitties Poe and Molly. I love sitting on the couch and watching Stargate SG - 1 with my husband, Nevan.

I enjoy cooking, gardening, hiking and biking. Finally, I love connecting with people and getting to the "big talk" instead of the "small talk". 

                                                                          Jackie - Marketing & Photographer


My name is Jackie Galindo and I'm excited to announce my partnership with Daisy Dee Photography! I'm originally from Texas, but I am currently based out of Saint Paul. I gained an interest in photography after seeing how happy I could make people with the click of a button. 

Working with Danielle and Daisy Dee Photography I seek to refine my craft and develop my own style. I am more than thrilled to embark on this new journey.