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Who is Daisy Dee?

Danielle  aka Dee- Owner & Photographer     



I'm a Minneapolis, Minnesota based photographer with 5 years of professional experience. I would be categorized as a lifestyle photographer as I do it all: family, senior, engagement, and wedding photography. I firmly believe that photography should be accessible to all so I do my best to keep my prices attainable, while fairly reflecting my work and experience.


Alright so you decided to brave the long version! You must think I'm pretty cool or something!


You could say that photography is in my DNA. My grandpa, Lee Gleason, was a notorious shutter bug and resident rebel rouser in his younger years. Contrary to my family's opinion, I've always been a fan of his documentarian style of photography. After his passing, I was mesmerized by the sheer volume of his photographic collection. You see, while I lived with my grandpa, it was hard to know our family's history as Grandpa Lee suffered from dementia during my formative years. I am forever grateful for all of the images that he did capture because it allowed me to know about our family's history and the very adventurous life of Lee Gleason.


Pictures to me are more than a way to get followers and likes. They are precious. They are memories. They are your history. 

Here is what I believe in & strive to achieve as your photographer. 

1. Beautiful photos should be accessible to anyone who wants them. This means that I am LGBTQ+ affirming & friendly, body & fat positive, and support BIPOC folks and communities. I will always make sure that you are comfortable at your shoot and that your photos capture the uniqueness and beauty of you and your loved ones! 


2. I always prefer to work with natural light as I believe that captures people the best. If your venue requires flash or off camera lighting, I will work it out. 

3. My editing does it's best to stay true to color, while maintaining the slightest bit of warmth.  

4. I want to be your photographer for life. I want to be the person you call year after year to take your family photos, to take your senior's pictures, or to capture that engagement. I love genuine connection. 

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