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jackie and her journey to photography

My passion for photography began sometime in high school when I learned you could make real life look surreal. My work in high school won me a few prizes for digitally manipulated work. As time passed, I pushed my creative passions aside for rigors academic studies.

Then last winter break my sister had her quinceañera. A quinceañera is a coming of age party or like grandma like to call it, “a wedding without the husband.” I was tasked with taking pictures. Using my brother’s Nikon camera I set out to capture the event. I really did not think much of the job. I figured it was something to do instead of awkwardly standing next to my sister all evening. As the day went on I realized I was not only taking pictures, but I was capturing beautiful memories. I could not shake the feeling.

Graciously, Danielle came knocking on my door. I met Danielle during our rugby days at the College of Saint Benedict. Since I have joined her on a few photo-shoots and even modeled for her once. Each time I am inspired to create amazing work, she truly is gifted. I look forward to this partnership. I know Danielle will challenge my work and foster creativity.  My goal is to bring some of my experience from corporate combined with my sharp eye to Daisy Dee Photography.

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